2/8 – Battleground to the Gym

2/8 – Battleground to the Gym

On the Thursday, February 8th Show:
Maverick Willett from the Battleground to the Gym
Seth Bodnar the 18th President of the University of Montana

About Maverick Willett

My name is Maverick Willett. I grew up in a small town in East Tennessee, near the smoky mountains. As a kid, I was involved in martial arts and also basketball. I was brought up in a lifestyle of fitness, with both my parents being competitive bodybuilders and black belt martial artists, as well. My parents instilled in me many great mindsets, and a will to succeed.

I was fortunate enough to play collegiate basketball for 4 years on an athletic scholarship, and thereafter enlisted in the US Army on a Ranger contract. I made it through the arduous selection process and proudly graduated the Ranger Asessment and Selection Program in 2013, earning my tan beret. I served at 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in Savannah GA for 4 years. During this time of strenuous training and deployment, I grew a great deal as a person, both physically and mentally. Throughout this journey, fitness remained a constant in my life. Whatever path I embarked on, it was nutrition and training that remained the center and balance of my life.

After serving in the military, I followed my aspirations of acting and modeling and eventually moved to New York City, where I am pursuing that and helping others with their fitness journeys through my website, lifestylebymaverick.com. Throughout my life, I have learned that the pursuit of health is often an arduous one, laden with trial and error and oftentimes, misinformation. With so many fads and misguidance in the fitness industry, I aspire to be a voice of change. I desire to disrupt the norm and help people learn the right way to eat, train, and develop as a person into what they want to see and feel. I draw upon my experience as a collegiate athlete, special operations veteran, and strength athlete to aid me in facilitating change in others., for this is my true passion.