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2/2 Show

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Kristin Lundgren of Yellowstone Untied Way Talking about 211

Frank King who wrote for the Tonight Show for over 20 years talks about Veteran Suicides

Brian Kilmeade Talks with Gary Sinise

12/29 – Year In Review

We review all of the events from 2018, including:

Remembering the 41st President
Remembering Senator John McCain
Senator Johnny Isakson
Senator Jon Tester
The VA Mission Act

And more

10/6 Show – Military Appreciation Day

Today on the Montana Veteran Show
Military  Appreciation Day at Rocky Mountain College
Dr Kathy Berger, head of the VA in Montana
And The US Marine Bank


8/30 – Honoring John McCain

Today we Honor Senator John McCain
We hear from Senator Steve Daines
Senator John McCain on being shot down over North Vietnam


8/24 – Warrior Wishes of Montana

Senator Jon Tester talks about resignations at the VA in Montana
Miguel Gonzalez founder of Warrior Wishes of Montana talks about PTSD and his first trip to Sturgis

8/16 – Dana Bowman

Congressman Greg Gianforte talks our Military getting a raise Col Karen Lloyd talks about being at Crow Fair for the US Veterans History Project Dana Bowman talking about jumping into Montana Fair