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8/4 – Veterans History Project

Col. Karen Lloyd of the Veterans History Project
We talk about the USS Montana
Also all the different events going on in Montana for our veterans


8/2 Show – Horse Spirit Healing

Today on the Montana Veteran Show
Vice President Mike Pence is in Hawaii as 55 Korean Veteran’s bodies are returned and Paul Gatzemeier of Horse Spirit Healing talking about a weekend event

7/7 Show – VA Mission Act

Senator Jon Tester and Dr. Patrick Cobb talk about the VA Mission Act
Dr Gretchen Linder of the VA of Montana talks about PTSD
Pain and Pride the Vietnam War

6/21 – PTSD

Today on the Montana Veteran Show we talk about PTSD with Dr Gretchen Linder of the VA

6/14 – Food Truck Battle To Help Veterans

Today on the Montana Veteran Show  for Thursday June 14, 2018
Food Truck Battle to Help Veterans
Larry Hinkle with Walk of America

4/7 – Voices of The Vietnam War

Today Darrell Ehrlick Editor of the Billings Gazette talking about the Voices of The Vietnam War
Col Tony Shaffer on the VA
Senator Jon Tester on former VA Sec David Shulkin
Congressman Greg Gianforte on the VA

3/8 – Charlie Daniels Respect for our Military

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Veterans News
Charlie Daniels Respect for our Military and Veterans

3/3 – Second Lady Karen Pence

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Second Lady Karen Pence Veterans Art Therapy
Chaz Henry CBS Eye on Veterans
Seth Bodnar Former Green Beret Now University of Montana President
Al Ramaiers Korean Veteran

2/3 Show – Companions for Heroes

Companions for Heroes
Emma Dockery
Matt Wolcott of Altor Operations Group

2/8 – Battleground to the Gym

On the Thursday, February 8th Show:
Maverick Willett from the Battleground to the Gym
Seth Bodnar the 18th President of the University of Montana

About Maverick Willett

My name is Maverick Willett. I grew up in a small town in East Tennessee, near the smoky mountains. As a kid, I was involved in martial arts and also basketball. I was brought up in a lifestyle of fitness, with both my parents being competitive bodybuilders and black belt martial artists, as well. My parents instilled in me many great mindsets, and a will to succeed.

I was fortunate enough to play collegiate basketball for 4 years on an athletic scholarship, and thereafter enlisted in the US Army on a Ranger contract. I made it through the arduous selection process and proudly graduated the Ranger Asessment and Selection Program in 2013, earning my tan beret. I served at 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in Savannah GA for 4 years. During this time of strenuous training and deployment, I grew a great deal as a person, both physically and mentally. Throughout this journey, fitness remained a constant in my life. Whatever path I embarked on, it was nutrition and training that remained the center and balance of my life.

After serving in the military, I followed my aspirations of acting and modeling and eventually moved to New York City, where I am pursuing that and helping others with their fitness journeys through my website, Throughout my life, I have learned that the pursuit of health is often an arduous one, laden with trial and error and oftentimes, misinformation. With so many fads and misguidance in the fitness industry, I aspire to be a voice of change. I desire to disrupt the norm and help people learn the right way to eat, train, and develop as a person into what they want to see and feel. I draw upon my experience as a collegiate athlete, special operations veteran, and strength athlete to aid me in facilitating change in others., for this is my true passion.